In The Beginning…

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Initially, that title was simply for the purpose of dramatic effect. Then it occurred to me, what better way to start my blog than to be inspired by the Bible? After all the foundation is the most important in building a steady home. I want my blog to feel just like that, a “home”, a place with familiar thoughts and feelings, a place of acceptance correction and comfort.

But.. back to the Bible… I am a Christian, so you’ll often find me making reference to God and his word. That is not to exclude anyone from embarking on this journey with me. I want you to connect regardless of religion, race, gender, socio-economic background or whatever. It’s not a sociology lesson but I’m sure you get my gist.

Why now? Why a blog? My honest answer… it’s been weighing on my heart to start for a while now. I have used every excuse in the book to stop myself from starting this blog. Like anyone else, I’m petrified at the idea of failure and I’ve tried other things to portray the same message but found myself straying away from my initial vision and therefore and as a result giving up. I see this blog as an outlet as a way for me to express myself and if people like it… well that’s a plus. Since I was a little girl I always knew I wanted to help people, this may not be finding the cure for cancer but I am sure on this journey we will see some Tears turn to Laughter.

Life has recently taken several unexpected turns for me. I’ve experienced situations and circumstances that no one prepared me for or could have adequately prepared me for. Life is unpredictable and storms will come, but storms calm… what matters is that you made it through. I can’t tell you storms won’t come, but I can tell you, you do not have to be alone. You can think of this blog as the shelter in the midst of the storm.

“I always knew looking back on my tears would bring me laughter, but I never knew looking back on my laughter would make me cry” – Cat Stevens

Kind Regards,

Sis x