This is the part where I tell you I am just an ordinary girl. Truth is, I do not think I am ordinary at all. I do not think God took his time to craft any of us for us to just call ourselves average or ordinary. I am special, I am complex, I am beautiful and I am amazing. Funny thing is, I have not always been so confident. In fact, I have got to places so dark I have questioned my existence. For any of you who have experienced something similar, you’ll know it’s not a great place to be. In those very dark moments, life teaches you its best lessons. What I have learned and now live by is that for every moment you and I are still breathing, there is no limit to where life can take you, and our lives have a purpose. So that’s why I decided to make this blog, to recognise and exercise that potential, and a way to vent healthily and take cute pictures of course.

I am 23-year-old Social Psychology graduate and HR professional, and I have been through a whole lot for someone my age. But its true what they say; experience is the best teacher. So I think I’m a likkle smart too. I’m the weirdest blend of an introvert and an extrovert. I can be extremely anti-social but also the life of the party. I like to observe others so I can often be very quiet but in the same breath, my secondary school yearbook voted me loudest girl. As I said, I’m complex. I have big dreams, it is great having a degree and all but I want to be so much more than a university graduate and a big personality. I’m passionate about helping others, down to the very little things and I pray this is an outlet that will bless someone.


What is Tears to Laughter?

Tears to Laughter is inspired by the people who have hit rock bottom and come out victorious. It is inspired by the people who hung on even in their darkest hour. Tears to Laughter is the understanding that life will get tough just so you get tougher. It is about embracing those dark moments because they make your story that much more miraculous. Tears to laughter is about accepting reality, whilst rejecting mediocrity.

Don’t worry, my content won’t always be the deep stuff. I do not want to limit my content to anything. I want us to be able to discuss music, fashion, recent events, food, travel, beauty, health, and fitness… you name it.

Format: Email (I love writing emails, lol!)

Tone: Dear Diary (I want it to be relaxed like you are talking to a friend, so my language will not always be formal)